Emotional Rollercoasters: An Interpretive Guide to Reading Your Feelings

24.09.20 08:06 AM By Heather Kleinschmidt - Comment(s)
How can you discern between your intuitive intelligence and your shortsighted lizard brain? How do you know when to listen to your feelings, and when to bypass them and continue with your routine?

7 Ways To Reset & Find Some Calm

20.09.20 04:55 PM By Heather Kleinschmidt - Comment(s)

For those days…

…when your brain goes on strike,

…when your eyeballs are screaming at you,

…when your lower back and neck just can’t take it anymore,

Here are 7 simple ways to reset yourself — your mind and your body — to get back into an attentive zone, so you can do the work that matters.

1 | Breathwor...

Change Is (Always) Coming. What Do You Do Next?

20.09.20 04:34 PM By Heather Kleinschmidt - Comment(s)

Whoever you are, there are ups and downs — good days and bad days, thrilling days and slow days. Life never stays the same. You’ll figure one thing out, and then something difficult comes careening in from Left Field (even when it’s not 2020).

Sometimes, things are hard, and we need to push through.


How to Keep Going When You're Painfully Aware of How Much You Suck

20.09.20 03:30 PM By Heather Kleinschmidt - Comment(s)
Four pieces of advice to help you keep moving forward when you really (really) suck. Fear dissipates with familiarity, and you have to learn how to learn well so that you can acquire that familiarity and gain more confidence.

What To Do When Your Confidence Is Shaken

20.09.20 03:05 PM By Heather Kleinschmidt - Comment(s)
You don't know what you don't know. But what do you do - how do you treat yourself - when you find yourself embarrassingly ignorant on something important?