Keeping Commitments: Shifting your mindset to win the internal tug-of-war

24.02.21 09:23 PM By Heather Kleinschmidt - Comment(s)
You are not one thing. And when it comes to making commitments, sometimes competing inner voices get in the way. How do you handle that tension?

Emotional Rollercoasters: An Interpretive Guide to Reading Your Feelings

24.09.20 08:06 AM By Heather Kleinschmidt - Comment(s)
How can you discern between your intuitive intelligence and your shortsighted lizard brain? How do you know when to listen to your feelings, and when to bypass them and continue with your routine?

Meaningful Pain: 3 Quick Tools To Help You Stay On Track When Things Get Hard

20.09.20 05:47 PM By Heather Kleinschmidt - Comment(s)

Why go through pain, ever?

Exhaustion. Tension. Embarrassment. Uncertainty. Struggle.

Why do any of it?

We each have our own reasons, but ultimately, we go through pain because we believe it’s worth it.


Just because it’s worth it, though, doesn’t mean it’s not hard.

Below are three quick challenges ...

How to Keep Going When You're Painfully Aware of How Much You Suck

20.09.20 03:30 PM By Heather Kleinschmidt - Comment(s)
Four pieces of advice to help you keep moving forward when you really (really) suck. Fear dissipates with familiarity, and you have to learn how to learn well so that you can acquire that familiarity and gain more confidence.

Big Bird, the Asshole: 3 Techniques for Working Through Anxiety & Difficult Thoughts

19.09.20 09:22 PM By Heather Kleinschmidt - Comment(s)

Thoughts swirl around our mind…

They hook, and they pull, and they vie for our attention, and they swirl.

Defusion is the practice of de-fusing your thoughts from your self.

Where “fusion” is a blending or melding together, “defusion” is a detaching or isolating of elements.