7 Ways To Reset & Find Some Calm

20.09.20 04:55 PM By Heather Kleinschmidt - Comment(s)

For those days…

…when your brain goes on strike,

…when your eyeballs are screaming at you,

…when your lower back and neck just can’t take it anymore,

Here are 7 simple ways to reset yourself — your mind and your body — to get back into an attentive zone, so you can do the work that matters.

1 | Breathwor...

Big Bird, the Asshole: 3 Techniques for Working Through Anxiety & Difficult Thoughts

19.09.20 09:22 PM By Heather Kleinschmidt - Comment(s)

Thoughts swirl around our mind…

They hook, and they pull, and they vie for our attention, and they swirl.

Defusion is the practice of de-fusing your thoughts from your self.

Where “fusion” is a blending or melding together, “defusion” is a detaching or isolating of elements.

When You're Aimless: Taking action to gain clarity and build momentum (A Process)

15.05.20 02:11 PM By Heather Kleinschmidt - Comment(s)
When we feel aimless or lost, it may be because we've lost track of what's most important for us. This is a process for getting back on track.